Worried About the Amazon? Here’s What You Can Do!

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Over the last few days, I saw most of my friends posting pictures of the burning Amazon rainforest on social media. While it is understandable that this is a terrifying ecological disaster, I was happy that people are now aware of what’s happening.

But then came the hashtag #prayforAmazon! I mean, seriously? How on earth (or heaven) is that going to help? Like all of a sudden, God is supposed to wear his firefighting suit, get his fire extinguishing equipment, open the skies and put out the fire?

If you think that’s how it’s going to work, I am sorry to break the news — no, that’s not happening. It’s about time you and I realized that we can do something for the environment by as little effort as you think. Of course, it takes a little more effort than praying.

Ever heard the saying “Working hands are better than praying lips?”

To begin with, forest fires are not new. In fact, they have been happening for a long time. But these were mostly natural fires that extinguished themselves. But due to sudden climate change, these fires became uncontrollable.

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When it comes to Amazon, the story is completely different. It has been proven that these fires are man-made, mostly due to agriculture. Cattle ranchers want to grab land from the Amazon rainforest to rear their livestock, and also clear land to grow food for the livestock. This has been reported by many media outlets. Lobbying and politics also allow the Amazon rainforest to be burned down to ashes.

Considering the condition of our planet a century ago, there was no need to worry about forest fires. The fact that they were natural was also not bothersome. However, in the present world, increasing population and emissions stress the need for more green cover to keep the planet alive.

When it comes to politics, you can participate, but you cannot always influence. Mark Twain once said that the majority is never right; unfortunately, democracy depends on the vote of the majority.

You do not have to travel to the Amazon to put out fires. You do not have to share a lot of pictures and videos on social media. You do not have to kneel down and pray for hours. But you can do more than all of this by making a very simple choice.

If you had watched the documentary Food Choices, you will understand how big of an impact you can make just by being conscious of what you put on your plate.

It’s 2019. You have changed your clothes, your cars and your houses. While you are able to do so many other changes to our lifestyles, you are reluctant to change your food habits. It doesn’t take much, it’s all about giving up meat and dairy and avoid using any product that requires animal agriculture.

You choose to ignore that animal agriculture is one of the major reasons for climate change because the industry does not tell you that. They show happy cows and chickens on the pictures of their products and use words like ‘organic’, ‘grass-fed’ and ‘free-range’ to market their products.

When we have professional doctors of medicine who work for organizations like the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) recommending a vegan lifestyle, there is no reason why we should abstain from making better lifestyle choices.

A very comprehensive article on CNN titled The Amazon is burning because the world eats so much meat gives you an insight into the real reason behind this man-made disaster.

As much as you might hate to hear this, there is only one way to save the Amazon and the rest of the planet, and that is to choose a vegan lifestyle.

If you can save the planet by making a choice as simple as to choosing between a piece of broccoli or beef, would you? Instead of yelling at politicians who are not bothered about you or your planet, what if you could stop the the demand for what they are trying to sell you?

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“When the buying stops, the killing stops too”! — Anonymous

If the Amazon fires bothered you, it’s about time you ask yourself that question!

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