Why I Paused All Other Projects to Finish Writing My Book

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I had been writing since I was 11, but to be honest, I’ve never gone anywhere with it. I have written for many blogs, ran my own tech blog and even made a living writing content for clients at some point in my life. However, I always wanted to be a real writer with some great work to my name.

Life Happened

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Being born and brought up in a middle-class family meant that I had to work very hard to get where I wanted to in life. Frankly, I’m not even halfway where I wanted to be, but I am happy for what I’ve worked for.

I did my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering back home in India and tried to find a “good” job after that. It was not easy and I failed miserably. It took me around 6 years after that to finally figure my life out. I paused, reflected and restarted it. When I moved to Canada in September 2017, it was the busiest time of my life. But it was also the happiest.

Peace of mind is absolutely necessary for a writer and once I had that, I was back to the pavilion. I never thought my life would be so interesting that it could be writing material, but I started writing my first real book. I started this project a couple of years back, but I was busy with studies and then finding a job in Canada. There were many other things I had to do since I was running a one-man show.

Writing a book amongst this was not easy.

But I Tried

I made sure to write at least a couple of words every day. I had the document on a cloud so that I could access it from anywhere on any device. Whenever I had the inspiration to write, I tried.

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I remember that there were days when I started at the blank word processor wondering what to write. There were days when I forgot what I had written earlier so I had to re-read my own writing to know where I stood. There were days when I decided that this was just another project that I am wasting my time on and that it is going to go drown the drain anyway.

For every word I wrote, I wondered if I was going in the right direction. There were moments when I was so close to giving up.




Though my project was not going according to schedule, there was some progress. I had also been writing on other platforms and hunting for a freelance writing gig. All this on top of a full-time job and homeowner chores.

A couple of months back, I decided to pause other projects and concentrate on writing my book. I had no urgency to complete the project, but once I cleared my mind of all the other clutter, I could write more freely.

A few days back, I penned the last word of my book and finished a round of editing and illustration. I have started contacting publishers and literary agents to help me get it published.

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I realize that it could be very hard to get a book published in today’s world. I don’t know whether mine would even make the cut, but I am happy that I finished writing my first real book.

I am used to multitasking and I am sure that I could handle multiple projects at a time, but this time, I needed a break. I guess that at some point, all writers do. That’s why it was worth putting all my other projects on hold.

Writing is an art and I love pursuing it. There is still some work left to be done on the book, but I can do that while I continue my other projects. It’s nice to be back after a break, and I hope to continue writing stories that could inspire more writers like me!

Living, learning and inspiring, one quarter mile at a time.

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