Why and How Your Success Depends on the People You Surround Yourself With

Kemmy D
4 min readMay 20, 2019

Success. It is a word that has great meaning, and the perspective of success differs from one individual to another. I considered myself to be successful if I could be independent- financially, emotionally and figuratively. My success was also attributed to the quality of life I expected.

The Effect of Peer Pressure on My Perception of Success

I was 21 years old when I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in India. There were too many engineers graduating and there were not enough engineering jobs. Hence, I landed my first job as a soft-skills trainer. Back then, I just did not want to stay idle and waste my time. Till this day, that has never changed. I like to constantly keep myself busy, doing something or the other.

A few months later, I landed a job that was related to my field of study. Though I loved the job, I was hired by a multi-national German firm and I was strapped on a contract. Finding a job in India was not really easy, because it only worked through ‘references’, especially in the manufacturing sector. I wanted to get a job for my skills, but unfortunately, no one even looked at my resume.

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This continued for a few more years, and before I knew, I was 26 years old. In India, people around me, both family and friends thought that I was not successful since I did not have a stable and secure job, I had no prospect of getting married and continued to do what I like.

Where are you working? How much are you earning? When are you planning to get married and start a family?

These were the questions I was tired of hearing over and over again. I distanced myself from all social events that involved my family and started associating more with friends. My relatives used to visit my house and talk about their sons and daughters (my cousins), how much they earned and what kind of jobs they had. Most of my cousins worked for the Information Technology sector, and that was huge in India. It was easier to get a job in IT rather than manufacturing so much that even my classmates who did Mechanical Engineering were Software Engineers and IT professionals when we were 26.



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