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At the beginning of March 2020, when we had our monthly meeting at work, the first serious discussion of COVID-19 came up. This was a few weeks before the lockdown came into effect in Canada. None of us in that meeting were expecting a shutdown. We had the assurance that things would be fine. But then, we also forgot that there was Murphy’s law.

Over the next few weeks, the number of COVID cases was on the rise. And then came the shutdown. Somewhere in the middle of March, the government of Ontario ordered all non-essential businesses to close. That…

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Life can get hard, especially if you are a normal middle-class employee who toils every day at work just to take home some money that barely pays your bills. In unexpected situations, you may end up not knowing what to do or in which direction your life is headed.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but there is only so much one could do. Once you’ve done your best, you can only hope and wait, like I’ve been hoping to win the lottery over the last two years.

Jokes apart, finding hope is not easy even when we are happy…

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With coronavirus taking over the world, many firms are now ‘experimenting’ how remote work works for them. In 2020, I would say that it is a little too late for a business to experiment or try out remote work. It is about time they had the required infrastructure for it.

Why Remote Work Is Good for Employees

In today’s world, most employees are paid less than they deserve to earn. Some just earn enough to barely pay their bills. It is costly to own a house, a car and if you have a family, it is even worse. Working 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday itself…

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With the toilet paper wars going on at the local Costco, shit has already hit the fan. When the W.H.O declared COVID-19 a pandemic, people went crazy. Batshit crazy. I have been in the dating scene for just over a year now and I hardly went on a couple of dates, but I have always been exposed to the dating scene.

Dating Apps and Coronavirus

Little did we know that 2020 would be the year of the coronavirus, though it initially made its appearance in 2019. A few decades back, dating was old school and you had to meet the other person before you…

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I had been writing since I was 11, but to be honest, I’ve never gone anywhere with it. I have written for many blogs, ran my own tech blog and even made a living writing content for clients at some point in my life. However, I always wanted to be a real writer with some great work to my name.

Life Happened

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2019 was a great year and I almost read around 35 books, which was 35% of my reading target. While I plan to read more in 2020, I wanted to share some of the best books I read this year, so that you could add them to your reading list for the next year.

As I had mentioned in one of my previous stories, I focused on reading simple books this year. Though they were written in simple language, some of them were close to my heart. …

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In September 2019, I stopped using Google Chrome as my default browser and Google as my default search engine. The reason I did this was because I was starting to get a little concerned about my privacy online.

Some days ago, I was on a call with one of my friends. He is working as a software engineer, but he was looking for a career change. Guess what he was considering — Big Data! I wasn’t surprised, but asked him why. …

confessions of an unpublished writer
confessions of an unpublished writer
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Another year is almost coming to an end. And that’s another year of me being an unpublished writer. Technically, I have many articles published on the internet, but my dream of having a book published has not been realized till date. I have been trying to make this happen since I was 16. But what happened?

Life Happened!

Education in my home country (India) was taken seriously. I was given the impression that the grades I scored in the 10th and 12th grade were the basis of my life. I wrote a complete book in my 8th grade and took it to…

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Making an investment is indeed a big decision that we will have to face at some point in our lives. In today’s world, making an investment is much harder today than a decade ago. With our incomes dwindling and economy inflating, most of the millennial generation has given up on investing in something. They are instead focusing on downsizing and minimalism.

While I am a minimalist and a strong advocate of downsizing, I also believe that making an investment is essential in this time and age. …

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“No Offence!”

As I grew older, I realized that I started using this phrase quite often than I realized I would. Back when I was a child, if I ever fell on the ground when I was playing, I was taught to get up, dust myself up and carry on with what I was doing, unless I was bleeding or had a real injury.

When I went to school, our teachers punished us if we didn’t do our homework. Even in university, I remember our professors not accepting students into the class if they were late. Was I offended by…

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